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Basic Drilling Engineering

Kode Training: Q. 4

Tanggal &Lokasi Training





12-15 Agustus 2014 19-22 Ags’14  26-29 Ags’14
01-04 September 2014
20-23 Oktober 2014
03-06 November 2014
01-04 Desember 2014
16-19 Sept’14 16-19 Sept’14

Jam Pelaksanaan :

09.00 – 16.00 WIB

Tempat :
Alternatif Hotel: Ibis Group, Amos Cozy, The Park Lane, Harris Group, hotel lainnya yang akan kami konfirmasi kemudian

Pembicara / Fasilitator (Alternatif) :

  • Dr.Ir. Drs. Herianto, MSc

Fee Training :
Rp 14.500.000/ person

Inc : Seminar Kit, Certificate, Lunch, Snack, Souvenir

Manfaat Training:

  • Understanding the basic principles and simple calculations for implementation of well-drilling oil wells, gas and geothermal reservoir, develop implementation of this calculation to improve the performance of  well-drilling wells in the field.
  • Conduct simple diagnosis and comprehend the settlement and build oil, gas or geothermal wells.
  • Create a simple analysis of oil, gas and geothermal wells exploration data, and able to design a global drilling performance and plan its development.
  • Conduct the simple quantitative calculations of mapping out for drilling mud, cement, hydraulics, well control.
  • Practise knowledges in vertical drilling design, for drilling wells sloping design, horizontal wells both using overbalance and underbalance technology.

Materi :

  • Cements : Cement Characteristics, Manufacturing Processes, Chemical Makeup, API Classification Of Portland Cements, Non-API Cements
  • Cement Operations : Placement Methods, Multi-Plug Usage, Multi-Slurry, Multi-Stage Operations, Tack Cementing, Liner Jobs, Flow Regime Considerations, Casing Movement
  • Cement Job Design : Job Type Selection, Job Calculations, Equipment Selection, Accessory Planning, Well Security And Control
  • Mud Removal: Well Preparation, Mud Conditioning, Removing Immobile Mud, Casing Movement As An Aid, Interactions Between Mud And Cement.
  • Cementing Equipment : Pumps, Bulk Equipment, Mixing Equipment.
  • Cementing Accessories: Thread Locking Compounds, Guide, Float And Differential Fill Equipment, Centralizers, Scratchers, Turbulence Inducers, Stage Tools, Packers, Bridge Plugs And Retainers, Plugs, Heads, Baskets.
  • Additives : Accelerators, Extenders, Retarders, Weighting Agents, Dispersants, Fluid Loss Control Agents, Lost Circulation Materials, Miscellaneous
  • Remedial Cementing : Squeeze Cementing, Recementing
  • Cement Slurry Design: Choose A Cement, Determination Of Pumping Time Requirement, Selection Of Admixes, Final Makeup Description, Slurry Testing (Using Actual Mix Water)
  • Cement Job Evaluation : Pressure Testing, Logging

Target Peserta :



For Registration, Please Contact :

Johnson Indonesia – Training Center

Dwi/ Narita/ Nur/ Aini

Telp. (021) 541 9152/ 541 7516, Hp: 0815 972 5020


[email protected]

[email protected]




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