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Concepts and Mechanisms of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Processes

Kode Training: Q. 5

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11-15 Agustus 2014 18-22 Ags’14  11-15 Ags’14
15-19 September 2014
06-10 Oktober 2014
24-28 November 2014
15-19 Desember 2014
22-26 Sept’14 15-19 Sept’14

Jam Pelaksanaan :

09.00 – 16.00 WIB

Tempat :
Alternatif Hotel: Ibis Group, Amos Cozy, The Park Lane, Harris Group, hotel lainnya yang akan kami konfirmasi kemudian

Pembicara / Fasilitator (Alternatif) :

  • Tim Trainer Johnson Indonesia

Fee Training :
Rp 17.000.000/ person

Inc : Seminar Kit, Certificate, Lunch, Snack, Souvenir

Manfaat Training:

  • Explain the basic mechanism and need for EOR methods and the technical basis for characterization of oil reservoirs and identifying possible candidates for various EOR methods.
  • Identify key parameters, data sources and required measurements for design of EOR methods.
  • Provide familiarity with key geologic, reservoir and operational definitions related to oil recovery processes specially enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods.
  • Provide basis for guidelines and engineering judgment in selecting appropriate EOR methods.

Materi :

  • Introduction
    • Overview of EOR processes
    • Oil recovery phases and definition of oil recovery factors
    • Units and conversion factors
  • EOR Mechanisms and Screening Guidelines
    • Fluid trapping in reservoir rocks
    • Parameters that affect oil recovery
    • EOR screening and evaluation guidelines
    • Displacement efficiency in immiscible floods
    • Displacement efficiency in miscible floods
    • Areal sweep efficiency
    • Vertical sweep efficiency
  • Phase Behavior of Hydrocarbons
    • Pressure-temperature diagrams
    • Ternary equilibrium diagrams
    • First contact miscibility
    • Condensing and vaporizing gas drive miscibility
    • Phase behavior experiments
    • Selecting pseudo components
  • Steam Injection Processes 
    • Thermodynamic properties of steam
    • Surface heat loss
    • Wellbore heat loss
    • Vertical heat loss in reservoirs
    • Thermal properties of reservoir rocks
    • Phase splitting in steam distribution system
    • Steam quality measurements
    • Casing vapor collection system
    • Injection profiles and steamflood optimization
    • Optimum flood patterns and vertical stages
    • Conversion from stem to water injection
    • Prediction of steamflood performance
    • Steam generation and co-generation of steam and electricity
    • Mechanisms of cyclic steam stimulation
    • Steamflood mechanisms
  • Miscible Floods 
    • Miscible slug processes
    • Water-alternating gas (WAG) processes
    • Comparison of solvents
    • Designing a miscible flood
    • Estimating oil recovery factors
  • Chemical Floods
    • Polymer characteristics
    • Comparison of polymers
    • Viscosity of polymer solutions Type and required amount of polymer
    • Surfactant characteristics and phase behavior of surfactant-oil-water systems
    • Optimal salinity and capillary de-saturation curves
    • Surfactant retention in reservoir rocks
    • Inaccessible pore volume
    • Permeability reduction and visco-elastic effects
    • Polymer degradation and retention in reservoir rocks
    • Thin film spreading agents
    • Type and required amount of surfactant
    • Alkaline characteristics
    • Effect of chemicals on fractional flow
    • Estimating oil recovery factor for chemical floods
  • EOR field cases
    • Miscible flood case
    • Chemical flood cases
    • Cyclic steam stimulation case
    • Steamflood cases

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Johnson Indonesia – Training Center

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Telp. (021) 541 9152/ 541 7516, Hp: 0815 972 5020


[email protected]

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