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HAZOPS Training Program

HAZOPS Training Program

Manfaat Training:

  • Give an appreciation of the risk management process to position HAZOP within that process
  • Provide an in-depth understanding and experience of the various HAZOP techniques and their correct application

Materi :

  • Introduction and course objectives
  • Basic introduction to the risk assessment process
  • Different hazard identification techniques
  • Hazard & Operability Study: Basic Concept & Methodology, Terminology
  • The role of the chairman, secretary and the team members
  • Risk ranking at the HAZOP study
  • HAZOP process in detail including the follow-up and review process
  • Detailed look at the HAZOP process
  • Introduction to technique for procedural HAZOP
  • Procedural HAZOP exercise including discussion of results
  • HAZOP actions/recommendations and HAZOP reports
  • Introduction to the HAZOP 2 technique
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the HAZOP technique
  • Pointers for effective HAZOPs
  • Course review including question and answer session

Target Peserta :

Aimed at managers, designers, plant operators, safety specialists and all those concerned with the safe and efficient performance of potentially hazardous Plant and operations

Pembicara / Fasilitator:

  • Tim Trainer Johnson Indonesia


16-17 April 2018

24-25 Mei 2018

25-26 Juni 2018

30-31 Juli 2018

13-14 Agustus 2018

18-19 September 2018

Jadwal Public Training 2018 Lengkap

Jam Pelaksanaan :

09.00 – 16.00 WIB

Tempat :
Alternatif Hotel: Ibis Group, Oria, Twin Plaza, The Acacia Hotel, Hotel Blue Sky, Harris Group, hotel lainnya yang akan kami konfirmasi kemudian

Fee Training (Jakarta):

Rp. 5.750.000,-/ orang

Private Training:

Rp. 8.000.000,-/ orang (PASTI RUNNING)

Fee Training (Luar Kota):

Rp. 7.000.000,-/ orang (kirim 1-5 peserta)

Rp. 6.000.000,-/ orang (kirim diatas 5 peserta)

Inc : Seminar Kit, Certificate, Lunch, Snack, Souvenir



Registrasi, hubungi:

Johnson Indonesia – Training Center

Dwi/ Nur/ Komariah/ Ria

Telp. (021) 541 9152/ 541 7516, Hp: 0815 972 5020


[email protected]

[email protected]




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